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2022 Advanced Electrology Seminar

In late January, we partnered with Aesthetic Systems in hosting the 2022 Advanced Electrology Seminar in Santa Ana, California. For the first time since the pandemic started, we were able to bring our colleagues together in person to share the knowledge and excitement of taking your electrology business to the next level.

The first day of the seminar started out with a presentation from Clement Beaumont, CEO of Dectro International. He highlighted the renaissance of electrology and how it’s being reintroduced into the computerized epilation era and what we can expect in the future. Our next speaker, Joanie Gonella C.P.E, brought to light the range of skin reactions that can occur with electrolysis treatments and how to handle and avoid extreme reactions to keep client’s hair and skin happy, healthy and ready for the next treatment.

She may be new to the field of electrology, the future is bright for our last guest speaker of the day, Anna Norman. CEA’s very own 2021 alumni brought social media into the spotlight and showcased how to build your personal brand, engage confidently as the face of your business, and create your own social media and marketing materials without hiring an expensive graphic designer or social media manager.

We wrapped up day one with a cocktail reception and spent the evening sharing stories, techniques and getting to know our fellow Electrologists.

The second day of our weekend brought the same buzz of excitement and anticipation as we kicked off the day with the Electroepilation Revolution by Clement Beaumont. We were introduced to the new 13” HD- Flip Opti•vizon System by Dectro International. This system can magnify the treatment area up to 30x (120D), as well as the ergonomics enabling you to look straight ahead, keeping your posture aligned and back pain out of mind.

Kelly Morrissy C.P.E. kept us on our toes with her interactive deep dive into the Blend method. Participants tested their knowledge on Kahoots games and gained insights on how the Blend method is evolving and how you can use it to keep your clients comfortable and happy!

Our last presenter of the seminar was Stephanie Shields C.P.E. She showed us how to take the science of hair growth patterns, treatment charting and progress pictures to give you a better way to not only build your schedule but duplicate those results time and time again.

Couldn't forget our Action de Gala raffle baskets donated by Aesthetics Systems. There were two lucky winners of a small gift basket valued at over $250 retail, Erin T. of Dollface Beauty in Redondo Beach, CA and Sheila Moreno based in Panama City, Panama. Our grand prize winner, who took home a basket valuing over $400 retail was Eden A. of Redlands, CA.

Bright and early Monday morning we headed to California Electrology Academy for the third and final day of the seminar. The positioning and techniques workshop is the perfect place to get first hand support with Johanne Fortier Gonella C.P.E. and Joanie Gonella C.P.E. on how to position and get the perfect angle in those harder to reach areas like underarms, brazilians and gender confirmation surgical prep. It was also interesting hearing tips and tricks from professional electrologists when it comes to distorted follicles, curly and deeply rooted hairs.

It really was an amazing event, filled with priceless information, new connections and great energy leading into 2022! Thank you to all of those who were able to attend this year, and we’re really looking forward to our next Advanced Electrology Seminar!

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Judy Celkos
Judy Celkos
27 Φεβ 2022

Thank you CEA and Aesthetic Systems for hosting this informative event. It was an amazing conference, good turnout, phenomenal panel of speakers, along with cheerful & dedicated organizers. Everything was great, including the location, breakfast, snacks, and lunch.

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