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400 Clock Hours - $ 8,800.00

Course Description

The following states do not have licensure for the practice of Electrology: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia and Wyoming.  Students coming from one of these states and/or who will be practicing in one of the unlicensed states may opt to take our 400-hour program. The 400-hour program does NOT lead to licensure in the State of California.  California students must enroll in the 600-hour program. This program is NOT available for California students.


Online Theoretical Portion and Textbook Home-Study

The theoretical portion of the Electrology course is taught using the world-renowned Academie Dectro Electroepilation Online Course.  Once the student has paid the $1,600.00 deposit, a username and password will be generated for you to access the online academy.  Once logged in students can begin the theory right away. Students will receive their scores immediately after the completion of an online quiz and may progress through the online theory at their own pace (250 hours).


Students must pass all the online quizzes with a score of 75% or more to receive credit for that module. Any quizzes that are not passed online will have to be retaken in person at the school.  To facilitate the assimilation of the online theory, the student will receive a workbook to complete to review materials to better prepare them for the Final Exam which will be administered as the student nears completion of their program. This workbook will be passed out as part of the student kit on Orientation day.


Practical Hands-on portion onsite

The practical portion of the Electrology course is taught on-site at the California Electrology Academy in Corona, California (1159 Pomona Rd., Suite D2, Corona, CA 92882). Once the theoretical portion is completed, students are to report to the school facility for the remainder of their program (150 hours).


On the first day of attendance at California Electrology Academy, the student will need to attend an orientation.  During the orientation, CEA will go over school Rules and Regulations, hand out student kits, explain time cards, and other key aspects of your hands-on training.  Orientations are offered two (2) times per month; on the first (1st) Tuesday of the month and the third (3rd) Saturday of the month.  Contact CEA for exact dates.


During the practical portion of your training, students should aim to work on themselves, other students or models who come into the school as much as possible.  Practical hours are described as the number of hours the student does an insertion.  Student performance on various practical skills will be tested during the time they are they are completing the hands-on portion of the program including ethics, the consultation, and the execution of a treatment on various body parts.


Students with under 20 practical hours will only work on the arms and legs of various models, at 20 practical hours, the student can sit for part one of the practical exam.  This will test the student on their practical skills to determine if they are ready to progress to other areas such as bikini and underarms.  Once the student reaches 40 practical hours, they will be tested again for part two of the practical exam to see if they are ready for face work.  Students who pass part two can work on all body areas for the rest of their training.  When students are nearing the end of their training they will be tested for part three of the Practical exam which will encompass face work.  Part three is considered the Practical Final Exam.

Requirements for Program Completion

To be considered for graduation, students completing the 400-hour program must complete the following:

  • Attain 400 or more clock hours and satisfy the minimum credit hours stated in the chart below.

  • Successfully pass all quizzes and exams with a score of 75% or more.

  • Successfully pass the written final exam and practical final exam

  • Attain a minimum of 90 practical hours

Scholarship Available

Scholarship Name: Beauty & Wellness Professionals Scholarship
Awarded by:
Amount: $2,500
Deadline: September 1, March 1
Who's eligible: Any student, including DACA recipients, who is pursuing a career in the beauty industry
Apply here:

LGBTQ+ students:

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