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Electrolysis Exam Review Book by John Fantz, R.E.


  • Study guide with comprehensive coverage of each topic plus over 550 multiple choice questions similar to those used by regulatory agencies in the US and Canada.  Booklet is 180+ pages in length.  Written and designed by former California Examiner John Fantz, R.E.


  • Soft cover, 1987, By John Fantz


Chapter Outline:

Ch 1 Biological Causes of Hair Growth

Ch 2 Histology and Trichology

Ch 3 Practical Application of Technique

Ch 4 Neurology and Angiology

Ch 5 Bacteriology and Sterilization

Ch 6 Dermatology

Ch 7 Electricity

Ch 8 Electrolysis

Ch 9 Shortwave

Ch 10 The Blend

Ch 11 The Needle

Ch 12 General Treatment Procedure

Ch 13 Treatment Area Guidelines

Ch 14 Guidelines for the Exam

Electrolysis Exam Review

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