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2020 Advanced Electrology Seminar Anounced!

Last week CEA announced the 2020 Advanced Electrology Seminar scheduled on February 1st & 2nd with an optional third day on February 3rd for hands-on practice.

Day 1 | February 1st

We kick off this even with a lecture from Michael Bono who became a licensed electrologist in 1976, and attended the original Wilshire School of Electrology in Los Angeles (Arthur Hinkel). You may also know him from his YouTube Channel ElectrologyNow. (Subscribe here --> Michael Bono has been an active member of this field for a long time and will be sharing his knowledge with is in a lecture titled "Advice from an Old-Timer". Michael has written three important books in the field of electrology. He has been involved with teaching, designing machines and inventing new techniques for the last 30 years. You don't want to miss this opportunity!

Following a lunch buffet we will have Stacy Morgan CPE take over the floor with a lecture on "Pain-Free Positioning for the Electrologist". The importance of proper positioning can never be mentioned enough and attendees who assist can then practice their skills and newfound knowledge on Day 3 - Workshop day! Stacy became a Licensed Electrologist in 2011 and a Certified Professional Electrologist in 2013. Is part of the executive board of the Electrology Association of Illinois and is currently the Vice President of EAI, in addition to being the designer/editor of Electrology Illinois, The News Publication of the Electrology Association of Illinois.

To wrap up the day, attendees and speakers are invited to a networking party hosted at the venue's bar.

Day 2 | February 2nd

On Day 2 we welcome Dr Frank Patti LMFT, Psy D. Dr Patti focuses on gender dysphoria - gay and lesbian identity. We are all raised in a world where being heterosexual is considered normal. But what happens when one's gender or orientation is outside of the main stream? How does one come to accept who they are. Former professor of Human Sexuality at American Behavioral Studies Institute Dr Patti conducted advanced studies in resolution of Anxiety and Depression and is the former Clinical Director at Charter Hospital working with children, adolescents, adults and elderly people.

After lunch we will host a Panel of Experts, so this is your chance to have all your questions answered. Attendees can submit questions and have our panel of experts chime in.

To conclude the two days of lectures, Cristina Navarrete CPE will give a three-hour lecture on the "Histology of the distorted hair". Ms. Navarrete is the owner of IBC ( and its principal electrologist. A Certified Professional Electrologist, her extensive experience as both a practicing electrologist and a trainer, as well as her personal commitment to her craft, makes Ms. Navarrete one of the leading practitioners in the country. Ms. Navarrete is the current vice-president of the Texas Association of Professional Electrologists (TAPE).

Day 3 | Workshop day

After having spent two days learning new methods, techniques and positions, this optional workshop day is your chance to put it all to the test! There will be two workshops with a maximum of 25 attendees per workshop to ensure each attendee has the chance to work under the watchful eye of Johanne Fortier Gonella and Joanie Gonella.

This workshop will take place at the CEA school in Corona, California. Attendees can attend the morning workshop or the afternoon workshop. Food and Shuttles from the Seminar venue may be provided.

For more information or to sign up for this educational event click on the following link:

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