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2019 Advanced Electrology Seminar

February 23rd to 25th, CEA hosted the first ever Advanced Electrology Seminar and I am happy to say it was a huge success! With attendees from all over the world, we kicked off the seminar with an Open House Cocktail party that boasted over 60 attendees.

Group Picture from Day Two

Seminar day 1:

Kelly Morrissy, CPE - Advanced Consultation

From charting to giving your clients the best consultation for their needs, Kelly Morrissy started the day off with a bang.

This interactive seminar was set up in two parts to allow attendees to interact while doing a variety of exercises geared towards dissecting what is an “Advanced Consultation”. The consultation process is an invaluable tool in client acquisition, education and retention.

Joanie Gonella, CPE - Modalities and Probes: Understanding the Basics

For any practicing Electrologist to be truly proficient at her job, she must truly understand the basics of the different modalities used while performing electrolysis and their effects on different probes. This lecture will covered the basics of the three modalities used today, Thermolysis, Electrolysis and the Blend as well and their effects on common probes types, but with an emphasis on the science behind it. With a true understanding of the way the current reacts and how the heating patterns are delivered in the skin, the modern electrologist has no limits.

Seminar day 2:

Stephanie Shields, CPE - Ouch! That Hurts!

This seminar's goal was to optimize the Electrologists' positioning to lessen pain during longer treatments. With live demo on the prime positioning techniques for double technician electrolysis work, Stephanie expanded the attendees' minds on what is possible!

After all, a happy electrologist means better client results…

Johanne Fortier, CPE - Positioning Workshop

This half-day workshop aimed for the electrologist to practice positioning techniques on private areas. With more and more involvement in the gender reassignment process, electrologists now must adapt to this new demand in the field. This class aimed to teach the art of positioning for these hard to reach places while doing pre-surgery work for your transgender clients and full Brazilian clients.

Thank you to all that attended our event and stay tuned for future events!

See details about the seminar here:

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